Research Week & Studio Presentation

Research Week ‘Weird, Wacky, Wonderful’
Random Collision & University of Groningen | 12-20 September

Surprising results of Experiment A and B came from the performance were the dancers showed no solidarity towards each other. Intriguingly, it seemed as is if individuals who act independently, who do not fulfill social expectations and do not meet standards of what is “normal” end up being less recognizable as individuals. It is as if the independence between the five actors on stage dehumanizes them: they are not recognizably human to the audience any more.

This paradox is the starting point for the research week. Can we find ways of making this fully “liberated” individual socially acceptable (perhaps even valued) member of the community? In this week, 5 choreographers/dancers and 5 experts from various backgrounds are challenged to explore questions about individuality and innovation, about human perception and social categorization, about social exclusion and the construction of deviance.

Studio Presentation
Curious to know what will come out of this research week? On Saturday September 19 there will be a concluding Studio Presentation in the Grand Theatre.

Location: Grand Theatre
Time: 20.00-22.00
Entrance 5,- euro

Matan Zamir | Ido Batash | Lana Coporda | Min Li | Claire Lefèvre

Tom Postmes | Professor Social Psychology, University of Groningen
Aafke van Mourik Broekman | PhD Social Psychology, University of Groningen
Jacques van Eijden | Somatic Movement Therapist
Cissie Fu​ | Assistant Professor of Political Theory, Institute for Philosophy, Leiden University, and Co­Founder of the Political Arts Initiative
Wilco Tuinebreijer​ | Psychiatrist and Medical director of the Mental Health Department of the Amsterdam public Health Service