Studio Presentation #22

November 30, 2012 | Prinsentheater, Groningen

Two choreographers and a filmmaker present work-in-process on which they would like to get some feedback from you. Choreographer Antoinette Helbing – the first of our three Trilogy Project 2013 choreographers – presents work in progress after her first three weeks of research in the studio. Choreographer Jelena Kostić’s presents her fascination with singing and how this evolved from her latest work and filmmaker Thijs Gloger shares the creation process of his upcoming film.

Antoinette Helbing – Two complex (work in progress)
Antoinette (Germany) is the first choreographer in residency for this seasons Trilogy Project. As a former graduate from the ArtEZ Dansacademie Arnhem, today she is a freelance dancer and choreographer in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Holland. Antoinettes work usually starts from a theme, that often comes from her thoughts and questions about how society works and/or doesn’t work. In this studio presentation she will share a work in progress of her new piece dealing with the theme of complexity and the necessity to change perspective to get a more complete picture of a situation. Her blog is weekly updated.

Jelena Kostić – A mood of deep longing
Ever since Jelena (Serbia) first started creating, she has been meticulously building a scrutinizing, socio-political charged repertoire. Working with gripping motifs like alienation and security, herd behavior, selfishness and sacrifice, exclusion and embrace, Jelena observes human behavior in all its facets. She transforms her dancers into cinematic personages, submerging in their role like actors. In her own words: “Rather than just moves and steps, I hand my dancers characters.” In her last creation Jelena discovered a fascination with singing and in particular Serbian songs. This is now leading her inspiration towards exploring the voice for her new creation. In this presentation she would like to share this form of live singing and exchange her ideas for her new work.

Thijs Gloger – Peepshow
Thijs (Netherlands) is a director, screenwriter, editor, cinematographer and producer. He has directed several feature films, such as ‘Holland’, ‘Bebop’ and ‘Sterile’. Thijs’ films usually deal with depression, loneliness and the difficulties of interacting and having relationships with people. His films are works of fiction, although they are usually based on an autobiographical component. Thijs’ new feature film ‘Peepshow’ (currently in pre-production) is a conceptual film about watching, wanting to be watched and wanting to be seen. Within that subject Thijs would like to vulnerably share in this presentation the process, joys and struggles of bringing this film to life.