Studio Presentation #21

September 28, 2012 | Noorderkerk, Groningen

The first Studio Presentation of the season two choreographers and an visual artist present work- in-process on which they would like to get some feedback from you. Gaetano Badalamenti presents the results of his short residency. Choreographer Meytal Blanaru presents her choreographic work that has its foundation in the Feldenkrais method. And visual artist Thomas Kuijpers presents his working process on the topic truth.

Gaetano Badalamenti – A2_animals
Gaetano (Italy) is a dancer and young choreographer based in Italy. He is the first choreographer in short residency at Random Collision this season. Together with his dancer Olive Lopez he is presenting the result of his 2 week residency. ‘A2_animals’ is an abstract research about past, present and future togetherness. Gaetano is a former dancer of many companies including: ITdansa (Spain)), Galili dance (Netherlands), NND/Noord Nederlandse Dans (Netherlands) and Compagnia Zappalà Danza (Italy). In 2011, Gaetano proudly presented his work ‘Skinny Love’ for the Stuttgart solo competition. “My work usually comes from a thought, a mood pictured in my head”.

Meytal Blanaru – Aurora
Meytal Blanaru is an Israeli dancer and choreographer based in Brussels, where she has had the privilege of working with Lisi Estaras in “Les ballets C de la B”, Damien Jalet, Samuel Lefeuvre and more. Since 2008, Meytal has been developing a unique, ongoing movement research that altered deeply the way she moves and perceives the body. She uses the Feldenkrais method as the foundation of her choreographic work, her inspiration, and her approach to learning. ‘Aurora’ arose from the stories of wild children (Feral children), children that spent the first few years of their life with no human contact; either raised by animals or secluded by abusive parents.

Thomas Kuijpers – The construction called truth
Thomas is a visual artist from the Netherlands, who’s very interested in the way truth is constructed. Originally educated as a documentary photographer who graduated in 2011 (MFA Photography – St. Joost, Breda) he hasn’t taken a photo ever since. In this presentation he will try to give some insight in the way he works, the way he chooses his topics, and will open a discussion on the magic topic of truth. Within his work, he is constantly looking for stories where something that isn’t considered to be true, can change and become true – or vice versa. By trying to reveal these constructs, Thomas constantly questions the value of the concept of truth on different topics.
If you are curious, Random Collision recommends you see Thomas’s exhibition at SIGN gallery in Groningen running between now and Sept. 29th (